Saturday, August 4, 2018

Today I have finally organized my story list.  I now have several novels in work; some fantasy, some intrigue, some sci-fi.  Here is a partial list:
New Earth Chronicles - this one has been in work for a long time, with the scenes playing out in my head, but now I have to get it on paper!  This is sci-fi, about a group of interstellar travels looking for a new Earth to call home.  Along the way, they have adventures...
The Devil's Heart - about a ruby brooch that plays havoc with the lives of those that touch it, including a certain English lord, William, and his lady, Catherine...
Sea Dragon - a very capable sub commander, a graduate of the Naval Academy, loses his command over a failed, and very controversial, black operation that goes awry.
Demon Heart - a demon slayer (exorcist) and a serial killer investigator team up but bad things happen when they "slay" the wrong demon.
Horse God - Friesians (as in horses) and a New Zealand cowboy, what could go wrong?  Friesians are so beautiful-

Who wouldn't want to own one?  This is Frederick the Great, by the way.  See him at
Gateway - an archeological find, a corrupt Vatican cardinal, and world-wide cataclysm.  Oh, my!
The Darwin Code - Immortality?  Cure disease?  Crisper gene?  And an ex-special ops genetic expert to help stop the bad things from happening.
Big Wheel - poor, young, and the mother of 6 kids, with a dead-beat husband and a run-down car.  Can she find a job and take care of her little ones?
Sweet Dreams - what if your dreams come true, literally?
The Lamp of Heaven - a young, warrior angel grows up to save Heaven, Earth, and time itself.
Crystal - power and sorcery and crystals and another world...
Ruby Red - a good twin and a bad twin and strange murders...who is the guilty one?

Stay tuned...while I post chapters from the stories running around in my head.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Welcome to the world of Kerry Ramirez Books!

This week I am working on a series of short stories, At Worlds End, all related to apocalyptic themes with a sci-fi bent, of course!  Come back soon to see a chapter excerpt.  My new website, is now live, as well as my new facebook page.